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Leveraging our location and by being directly connected with the source (farmers and oil distillers) of our oils and chemicals, we ensure that we are procuring the finest raw materials. We understand the plantation cycles and have done extensive research on the plants that we use to set up our channels for sourcing the right raw material from India and other international sources.

Manufacturing Unit

Well-established production unit that helps us extract, react and blend products with the highest level of accuracy. Standard operation procedures, automation, and a well-trained workforce enable us to avoid any errors. We have two manufacturing Units that are together capable of producing over 7500 Metric Ton a year

Quality Control

4 designated quality control checkpoints and assigned quality controllers ensure that our products attain the same level of quality every time. We provide a Certificate of Analysis for all our products that are delivered to our clients 

Quality Control

Testing and R&D Facility  

We have deployed state of the art testing equipment and technicians that ensure that products are thoroughly tested to gold standards.


Key Highlights:

  1. Gas Chromatography

  2. Polarimeter

  3. Refractometer

  4. Densitometer

  5. Micro Distillation Columns  


Clean and well-organized storage units to maintain our stock and keep a tight check on our inventory. This enables us to turn around bulk orders quickly. We ensure that external factors such as temperature and humidity do not impact the products while they are stored.



Packaging plays an important role in ensuring that the essential oils and aromatic chemicals are not damaged, deteriorated, and don’t lose their true/natural aroma. We use and provide options for various types of packaging material and sizes that meet international standards for export, as well as look aesthetically pleasing.



We provide clients with all options of shipping (by air, land, or sea) depending on their needs. We can ship consignments of any size and weight and use multiple shipping partners with provisions to track the shipment.

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